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Originally Posted by Harvester of Sorrow View Post
Thats what the big military does. Delta operators arent used for taking oil. More counter terrorism and counter intelligence ops in various pars of the world.

As long is there is men there will be war. You just have to get over that fact.
That's not what he's talking about.

The other reason why I would never join the military is because I dislike being the pawn.

If you really think that the military is just one big super-awesome kickass group of great people doing great things, you are sorely mistaken.

Humans have been using soldiers to protect their own Machiavellian interests for thousands of years, just like little pieces on a game board. The U.S. might be pretty good as far as countries go, but what makes you think that the government doesn't use the military for their own interests?

It is quite obvious that the U.S. moved into the middle east with their operations at least partially to protect oil interests. The Ottoman empire, the Roman empire and the Crusades were all doing the same things; powerful leaders enticing young men to join their ranks as soldiers to "fight the good fight" or to "defeat the bad guys". In all those cases, the soldiers were merely pawns to higher powers waging wars over valuable resources and differing beliefs.

I don't disagree that war or the presence of a military of some sort is necessary at times, but to think that any nation is always "fighting the good fight" is foolhardy and náve.

You have no real evidence or proof of these "increased counter-terrorism" operations, only the word of the ones supposedly performing them and the occasional leaked document.


Originally Posted by Advent View Post
No. But you can't pull a title out of a hat.
It's the best country in military and economics currently, I'll give you that.
Originally Posted by Harvester of Sorrow View Post
Whos better? What country has ever been considered better than the U.S.
Uh, maybe other people from other countries like their own country a lot too.

You have a lot to learn. This is an international message board, and your opinions are disgustingly biased. Just an example; Israel is a tiny, dry nation constantly involved with fighting wars. Did you know that most of the recent advances in weapons and war machine technology have been occuring there?

Also, the U.S. has done some pretty awful things in the past. The Japanese concentration camps of World War II? They displaced hundreds of Japanese americans uninvolved with the Japanese militia; perfectly good, honest, brilliant people that could have contributed amazing things to us, packed into concentration camps for no real reason other than that they just happened to come from the wrong place at the wrong time.

But here, read for yourself; this one lived only a few miles away from me:

And let's not forget good 'ol Agent Orange, responsible for the irreversible loss of thousands of acres of virgin rainforest and the death, dehabilitation, and mutation of hundreds of American troops and Vietnamese civilians:

And if you google "Korean War Nuke" you'll find more than enough info about how the U.S. almost made the decision to nuke Korea/China.

I hope you enjoy being a pawn; that's all most of the higher-ups in the military will ever truly think of you as.
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