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Originally Posted by Xavier Foxx View Post
I know. Treyarch are the secondary company who put a game out when Infinity Ward (Lol, they're fuxxxked.) is making one. So Activision can shovel out a money maker every single year. Treyarch usually did a better job than IW, 'cept in the case of MW1 and World at War. I hope to see that they do the good thing, and make the game something great. But honestly, at the moment all I can see is how much Black Ops is copying Halo Reach. Credits for customization? Theater mode? Emblems?
I don't know about them copying Halo Reach because that only came out like a month ago, and Black Ops has been finished for months. So I don't see how the people from Treyarch could have known Halo Reach's features that far ahead of it's release.

I think Treyarch will do better than IW this time. I like MW2 but they messed up on a lot of stuff. I don't like how you can be put into a game on the losing team right before the game ends. That can really mess up a person's wins an losses. I hope that changes in Black Ops. And I don't like how they pick a host for every game. I heard on Black Ops, everybody will be hosting themselves.

And hahaha @ the bloded part.

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