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Name: Ma'wytey
Race: Na'vi
Clan: Fyaxwi. This clan is located a coastal area along the equator home to both swampy groves of trees growing into the ocean, and to more conventional Pandoran jungle. The Fyaxwi hunt for sea creatures with spears or tridents from the roots of the trees, and sometimes from underwater. They are equally at home in both environments, experienced in living in swamps and coastal areas as well as the forests. Their primary goods are pottery made from the coastal mud. They are heavily dependent on the Elvidion to exchange their pottery for textiles or woodworking. They harbor a small amount of resentment against the new Na'vi for their human heritage, and have a tendency to be xenophobic to other tribes. Very few hunters in the clan have ikrans, but those who did traveled across the sea to answer Toruk Makto's call hundreds of years ago.
Affiliation: Neutral alignment, position in clan is scout.
Age: 26
Appearance: Ma'wytey is of average height and build. His clan has been further away from the dreamwalkers, and is still native Na'vi. Thid reflects in his appearance.
Personality: Uncharacteristically friendly for his tribe, his outgoing and calm nature was probably what made him the Fyaxwi's delegate to the council. He never seems to overreact or get angry.
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