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Default 50 years warning

Heard just a good analogy on TV. If a big asteroid or comet was heading towars Earth and was due to hit us 50 years from now we would for sure take all measures possible to avoid such a catastrophe. Politicians, scientists, ordinary people, we would all try to come up with solutions to be able to deflect or destroy the meteorite. All societes and countries would gear their economy towards supporting technology that could help in diverting the threat.

But when it comes to global warming, pollution and other urgent environmental problems that threatens to destroy the Earth, perhaps also in the next 50 years, we see not such kind of joint effort. Instead we go on as usual with a lot of desructive activities. And we are always bitching and we indulge ourselves in meaningless conflicts. We let big corporations and also states deplete the Earth of its natural resources, we destroy the biodiversity in our world and we continue to harbour weapons that could wipe us out.
We do not want to see the threat of destruction, we just lean back in our armchairs and let things happen.

Must a comet be aimed at us for us to react and start to cooperate in order to survive?
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