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HotG is right, there really are a lot of blind Sky People out there. There is one major difference between the two situations. Mega-corporations wouldn't profit from denying the existence of an asteroid. The public wouldn't be bombarded with denialist propaganda like today, so maybe more people would be inclined to believe in it, and demand that something be done. Same with our elected officials. Today they're bribed by lobbyists to deny the existence of global warming to protect the profit margins of the people who are lining their pockets. In an asteroid situation corporations would probably be bribing politicians to find ways to deal with the problem rather than deny it, because in that situation their asses would be on the line. When it comes to global warming only the lives of the "small people" (wonderful choice of words from Carl-Henric Svanberg of BP) would be on the line, so for that they could care less.

So that's what it comes down to, corporations and their *****s in legislations around the world. They'll only decide to act finally when their asses are on the line. If it's only the common masses that are in danger, they couldn't give any less of a damn. They've all got their millions and billions, they don't need us anymore.

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