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Originally Posted by Sothis View Post
I remember talking about avatar soon after watching it for the first time and saying that, in terms of her role in driving the story, Neytiri almost reminds me of Yoda. Obviously, her relationship with Jake evolves over the course of the story, but for a large portion of the movie, their dynamic is very much a straightforward mentor-mentee relationship that you see in many adventure stories across genres. We even get a trope-tacular training montage and a definitive final fight in which the hero must face a powerful enemy single-handedly while his mentor watches.

Of course, now all I can think of is Neytiri looking at Jake and saying: "Much to learn you have, young Sky Person." :-p
To me Neytiri has several roles. She is the mentor, the protector, the lover and the the person to be protected.

You cover the mentor very well. We know she is a prtoector because of the number of times she saves Jake, The lover is obvious. But she is also the one who is protected. But in this sense it is not Neytiri herslef who needs protecting. Here she represents the Na'vi and Pandora as a whole.
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