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Sometimes I imagine the sequel beginning RIGHT after Jake opened his eyes and he is reborn.

He gets up, and everyone cheers.

But seeing as I don't really see JC doing that, I'd say it starts off with a hunting scene of a few Na'vi warriors in a lush forest trying to chase and capture an animal. They come out to a sunny clearing and see the beast running out of their reach, then it is suddenly shot down by a soaring arrow. The few hunters look overhead behind them to see Jake and Neytiri flying on their Ikrans with their bows out. Jake makes his enterance into the movie. His Ikran zooms past the camera and roars, and comes to a stop right at the corpse. Neytiri hops off her Ikran with a 'nice' back view of her approaching Jake and complimenting him on the kill followed by a front view of her smiling.

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