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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post

Completely, totally, DO NOT WANT. At all.

Part of Neytiri's beauty is her body, why hide that? Why force stupid human modesty on the Na'vi, especially when they have perfect bodies? The point of Neytiri and the Na'vi ion general is that they are free of all these pointless things humans have built up that inhibit them.

Aihwa, this isn't space scifi. There ARE no battleships. There are ten ISVs, each of which is capable of being destroyed by a large grain of dust with bad luck.

Myself, I want to see more of the Na'vi. How they live, what they do, of their language.
Also, more Neytiri
First point,

second point "If you've got a ship that can carry a tank... Why not put guns on the ship and use it instead?"
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