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Default Will the character focus change in the sequel

In Avatar, the story is effectively told from Jake's point of view. He is the main character and everything revolves around him and his perception of the world.

It is very rare that we see some one else's point of view. Even with Neytiri, we rarely see her point of view. And even then, Jake is involved in some way in the scene.

But do you think the focus will now change. Will the focus now be shared between different characters or perhaps (lets hoping not) there will be new characters completely.

For example, in Star wars opisode IV, Luke is clearly the main character and nearly everything is told from his point of view, although there are a few scenes where Vader and sometime's Leia's point of view in shown.

But in V and VI, the focus changes. Luke is not longer the main character as the point of view on Han Solo and Leia is shown a lot.

In Starshiptroopers the change is even more dramatic. The main charcter for the first movie, Rico, does not appear at all in 2nd, and appears only briefly in the 3rd (although I refer to forget 2 and especially 3).

So how do you think it will develop. And how do you want it to develop.

Would you like more of the same, or do you want to see other characters taking a bigger role or even becoming the main character? Or would you like to see something completely new.
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