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Default Should religion, culture, ethnic group,... be taken in count?

When I read headlines in the newspapers, like:

"Woman assaulted by black man"


"Catholic priest accused of rape"


"Three Moroccan immigrants killed woman and left corpse in..."

I wonder; is it relevant where is the criminal from or what their creed is? Is the collective responsible for the crimes of a person? I mean, not all black people are burglars, not the whole Catholic Church is rapist neither Morocco is a country of serial killers.

Not even the majority of them.

Isn't it unfair that we see this happening to frequently in the media?

"Deport all Muslim people, they all have declared a holy war against us. Soon this will be just another Islamized country. And you don't want to wear a scarf by law, do you?"

"Those Mexicans are sh*t. Drug dealers, gangsters, lazy bums,... they don't even speak English. We would be better off without them."

And the list just keeps going.
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