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Originally Posted by Uniltýrantokx View Post
Are you sure??? i made sure to search it before i posted it :/
Indeed; I made the thread myself.

But a new one was a good call.

Pictures Of Us.

I also posted these in the link above, with backstories on some of them, since some of them are rescues.

Here we go.....

Millipede enclosure. The millipede is really shy, and only comes out at night.


My box turtle, Tank, eating an earthworm.

My Chinese Firebelly newt, in my aquarium.

Aforementioned aquarium. The plants are Java Fern, Amazon Pygmy Chain Swordleaf, and Anubias.

My albino Corn Snake.

My Leopard Gecko, Blizz. He is a "Blizzard Lizard" color morph.

Peach, one of my other Leopard Geckos.

Blizz, shortly after being woken up for these photos. He looks grumpy.....

This is the "are you edible" look.

The fishtank again, looking in from the right side towards the left.

I was gonna post some pictures of the fish, but you can find those in the link at the top of this post if you're curious.
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