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Ironic that you say this. Because the Na'vi clearly are based on humans--primitive, hunter-gatherer humans who still have an animistic world shamans. It shows the future, and yet it idealizes the past. This seems like simple nostalgia, yet learning from the past has been a viable strategy.

In Europe, when the Church's power started to wane, Renaissance thinkers turned to ancient Greek and Roman philosophers for inspiration. They took the old ideas and with them forged a new paradigm.

When the current paradigm has run itself into the ground, there are two places to look for alternatives: the past, and other cultures, sometimes both at once. We can't know the future, but human diversity and variability mean that many philosophies and social orders have been tried.

So now, the capitalist-materialistic order appears to be running itself dry; wrecking human lives, cutting the Earth--which we need to survive--out from under our feet, and threatening our children's future. To find an alternative we are consulting a very far past--the original knowledge.

About Original Wisdom

"Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing" -- Thom Hartmann's Independent Thinker Review |

So Cameron has returned wonder to exploring the roots of what it means to be human.

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