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Well, imagine an alien race would come to this planet. They would extract the resources, use humans as a work force in exchange for some nice flat screen TVs, hundreds of channels, a small concrete box to live in and artificially flavoured food/water. Do you think people would not cook up plans to shed that opression? Why do they not do this now?

The asteroid comparison lacks some validity as stated above, as it would affect different people, but I think even if there would be such a discovery, some scientists would say it will hit, others will say it will miss and there will be a huge bunch of conspiracy and anti-conspiracy people flocking to that topic, claiming government conspiracies and new world order conspiracies and so on. Then they may cacluate who is hit and who is not (unless it is a big one that threatens all). Then people will start to sell private asteroid bunkers with food and fuel for a decade. Then there will be a discussion if it should be a political decision or if private corporations should be given the money and resources to avert the catastrophe. And so on...

Bottom line is, if it is not 100% proven, people will always concentrate much more on the loopholes than on the major evidence, out of denial or mistrust. Many aspects of the current topics on climate change, peak oil, ecosystem destruction and so on are based on science and science is almost never 100% sure. There are always sceptics, denyers and opponents. That is the whole point of science, that it is always possible to adjust to new evidence. But obviously this is by some mistaken as an excuse not to act on the present day overwhelming evidence. If there are 95% of scientists daying that it is happening and that it is anthropogenic, then people will just swarm to the 5% if it allows them to stay in their bubble.

EDIT: Check out my latest new thread in the On the weird psychology of humans facing peak oil (speech mp3) thread - this speech really explains well why people are NOT acting.
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