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Makes quite a bit of sense and is very interesting to think about.

The mathematical laws of physics often work both ways for postive and negative; however, the universe was not created with complete symmetry, rather, it was created asymmetrically. Matter and antimatter were created, in the beginning, in almost equal amounts. For every billion * billion antimatter particles, there were perhaps a billion * billion + one matter particles right after the universe came into existence. What we see as matter -- planets, stars, and everything else is what is left over from that first moment of matter and antimatter anihilation. If matter and antimatter were created in equal amounts then there would not be anything but space. What we see merely a fraction of a fraction of those original particles.

If this theory is true, then it means that we still "see" all of those original anihilated particles as nothingness. I would be interested to know whether the sum of all matter, antimatter, energy, and "nothingness" have remained constant within the universe.

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