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We were told that making avatars is incredibly expensive. Now, as the colony on Pandora is more or less self-sustaining, and it was possible to build avatars there, it would mean that building them is practically for free. Doing something there doesn't cost anything compared to going and coming back... It would be equally expensive whatever you did there. So I don't think they can made new avatars there.

About Norm:

1. Personally, I liked him better in his human body. His Avatar didn't seem right. I think his Avatar body made him look too silly, or I don't know, it somehow didn't fit him. It might be because we barely saw him in his Avatar, but that's how I felt.
2. He was somewhat funny, acting a bit childish when expressing his feelings, and slightly absent-minded and/or unprofessional. He forgets his pack, fails to use the sample correctly (when he has trained for years for this), and wasn't too happy with accepting the reality when Jake was chosen by the Omaticaya in the deleted scenes which I found unprofessional for a scientist, though somewhat justified.

Now, I think scenes like the one with the saliva and the pack would have been more amusing if Norm was as small as a Na'vi child. So if Grace is resurrected and resumes her duties as a scientist studying the beauty of biosphere on Pandora, with Norm as her right hand, and Grace mentoring him, I picture them better with the size difference and Norm without an Avatar. I think it fits his image pretty well. And he's metaphorically smaller than Grace, isn't he? It would be cruel but amusing nonetheless. And then they could put him aside the real Na'vi children, and make them laugh at him. Hm, nope, that would be way to much.

Another thing is that hundreds of Na'vi were killed in the final battle, and the victory wasn't all that happy because it came at the expense of a great loss. The thing that relates us best to the lost are the characters that were gone - Grace, Norm's avatar, Trudy and Tsu'tey. Well, if we bring half of them back, it would kinda make the our share of the loss mean nothing. And that's why I'd like his avatar to be gone for good.

And without an avatar for Norm, there won't be other new avatars...
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