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Originally Posted by applejuice View Post
The Na'vi might request the humans to take everything they brought there to the Earth... as a display of force.
The marines, perhaps, although the ISV has extremely limited space. We see scientists in Avatars with the Na'vi in the scene with the humans getting into the shuttle, as Jake says that they were chosen to stay.

Another thing is that hundreds of Na'vi were killed in the final battle, and the victory wasn't all that happy because it came at the expense of a great loss. The thing that relates us best to the lost are the characters that were gone - Grace, Norm's avatar, Trudy and Tsu'tey. Well, if we bring half of them back, it would kinda make the our share of the loss mean nothing. And that's why I'd like his avatar to be gone for good.

And without an avatar for Norm, there won't be other new avatars...
Trudy and Tsu'tey aren't coming back, and we still don't know what Grace's reappearance will be.

Avatar was done with a LOT of attention to realism and I really doubt it would do that just because some people who don't understand that dying instantly from an injury is very rare (brain, spinal cord or complete body destruction excepted) just because some people expect that to happen because it does in other films. After all, norm gets out of the link, grabs an assault rifle and heads towards the battle to try and save his avatar.
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