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Originally Posted by Sight Unseen View Post
Someone should call tech support. ;D

Also, got a Phenom II X6 1090T for Christmas. It generates a lot of heat. The aftermarket cooler that kept my X2 at a chilly 40C load gets up to 65C on prime95 at 4GHz, 1.5V. I was thinking of getting a Hyper 212+ or a Corsair H50, anyone got any feedback on these heatsinks or reccommendation for something else <70 usd?
At one point I had a Hyper 212+, with a push/pull fan configuration it should do pretty good at keeping a x6 cool. It would keep a athlon II @ 3.6ghz 1.42v around 30C running prime95. I replaced it with a phenom II heatsink to free up some room in my case

I'd be concerned with the vrm's getting too hot since you overclocked it and raised the Vcore. I've read about people killing boards with the x6 cpu's because they pull a fair bit of power.

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