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Originally Posted by Banefull View Post
The new scenes cast him in a slightly better light; however, he is far from blameless. He knew what was happening. He was following orders from his superiors to ensure that the "unobtanium must flow" and still put in place some rather questionable policies (think about the bulldozer). In the confrontation between Selfridge and Quaritch, Quaritch's takeover stopped all mining as the miners were drafted. Selfirdge didn't want a war because that would put the whole operation at risk.

You see him oscillate between the orders of his superiors and his conscience but it ultimately leads to his downfall.

Those Scenes made the RDA Look even more heartless and selfridge only loyal to the corparotion. To me, thoses scenes showed he was just a weasel hiding behind his desk while Quartch and the milltary did all the dirty work which protected his statues. I think "Your a long way from earth" showed that selfridge didn't want the war because he thought that Quartech sending his workers and mining equipment to a reackless charge would be costly. I think the deleded scenes emphissed that he truly had a heart of gold. And that heart of gold was broken when Max gave him the finger and we clearly see selfridge hiding behind his desk, as a coweredly weasal.
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