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In my mind, with all the scenes, Selfridge was just as much to blame as Quaritch. The dozer scene where he pushes the control forward to get Jake out of the way shows how he had the interest of the company foremost. He didn't care about the trees, he only cared about the company and making sure that the mine was not threatened. He is a corporate weasel to be sure. I think leaving out the scene where he's hiding behind the desk as Max attacks the tower changed the direction of the character a bit far.
There are several instances where he is only thinking of profit and his salary. When things start going awry and he sees the destruction of Hometree, I think he does start having a bit of a conscience, but only a small one.
Although his look that he gives Jake at the end as he's walking by can be interpreted either as 'you win this time' or 'sorry it ended this way'. I'm still trying to figure it out.

In any case... maybe the novel coming up is going to explain his frame of mind more.
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