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Well I just don't know anymore. I wrote this originally as a short response, but it just became longer and longer as I poured out my thoughts...

The official reports say the rainforests are increasing, and environmentalists are saying they're being destroyed more and more. Whether there's corruption involved is no question: corruption inhabits every asset of every business and organization. The question is: how much has the corruption spread? Like you've said, Zenit, how can we trust those reports? On the other hand, how can we trust the environmentalists?

The argument on one side is the government, corporations, and companies have little to no regard for nature when using it to their gain, thus making them "Capitalist 'fat cats'" that only care about money. On the other side, the argument states that the environment "scare" is just a way for the elite to force more regulation on the public, thus gaining more power.

I believe capitalism is ultimately the better way to go, and most capitalists are not evil. Competition and small business thrive on the capitalist system, and has made America (as well as many other free nations) better places overall. You can't honestly say that Wal Mart, though it's had its seedy dealings just as much as any other company, is an evil company. It helps economies across the world with savings. Of course there are corrupt corporations and companies out there, but that certainly doesn't mean we should condemn them all.

To be absolutely blunt, capitalism works. It's the only real system that's helped many nations become prosperous. Name one other type of government that has served a better purpose. Certainly not Communism, Socialism, or Fascism. Even Communism with its good intentions (originally slated from Marx; though Marx still believed certain populations of peoples should be "disposed of" for mankind's "greater good") may work theoretically, but you can't get people to work if they're subject to government handouts, none making more than the other, and no personal gain. It's been a disaster every time. The difference between capitalism and other forms of government are capitalism stands for the individual man's rights, and others stand for men's collective rights, which completely abandons anyone's will to stand for something or become something more, if the government controls everything.

So I disagree: capitalism is the better system. It may not be pretty sometimes, but it works in the long run; better than any other system in the organized society of a nation. The Na'vi don't need to follow any government system because they aren't technically organized by a particular clan member or group of individuals. Since they have a direct connection with Eywa, making it literally impossible for any Na'vi to be atheistic, there is no need for such government. Everyone works for the good of each clan because they want to, because they believe it's Eywa's will. If the Na'vi were more organized, and had a large form of people to form nations, without any literal entity to guide them, then the use of being a "good clansman" would cease. It would no longer work. Since each Na'vi individual works with each other as a bonding family would, that's the source of a utopia we would all desire.

Unfortunately, we are a bigger, more advanced, more cynical, more possessive conglomeration of people who would most likely all love to work with one another, but cannot per religious, political, and social reasons. We do not all speak the same language as the Na'vi do. The Bible indicates that before Babel, the entire world was united. They were in sin, but nevertheless united as one. Humans will never aquire such a peace like the Na'vi because we are too separated by both physical and spiritual boundries.

So I see many here say, "We can become more like the Na'vi! At least we can try!" It's a nice thought, but it'll never happen. And claiming all sorts of blames against who did what about the environment isn't helping anything. The Climategate papers were released, which showed concrete proof that many of the global warming scientist believers' claims were outright lying, as admitted by themselves in leaked emails. This isn't a conspiracy, it's a fact that's been well-known for a while, and has shocked our nation as well as others, which is why the belief that global warming is caused by us has dropped a staggering 9% in the U.S. since last year. This is a serious case that has gotten people questioning others like Al Gore, who was personally exposed to have made deliberate exaggerations of his "data findings" according the very sources he consulted (I have quotes).

The issues are serious, but to what point and purpose are they being used to sway the public mind? There are those who genuinely believe it's happening, while there are those who have discredited it with many smoking-gun factors that I've read and heard in interviews everywhere. The question is: are those who ask for debates with those "deniers" willing to admit they were wrong in other aspects of their claims when they were shown to be inaccurate? I'm not trying to flame anyone, but something has to be done about this.

It's time certain facts (as well as myths that are still constituted by some as "factual") to be realized so we can have a true debate on the subject. I believe, as a staunch Christian, that we were put on this earth for two primary reasons: to accept God into our hearts, and to be good stewards of the earth. I believe in cleaner energy and jobs. I believe we shouldn't litter. I believe we should try to find alternate sources of machines and vehicles that won't produce harmful gases... But I also believe we aren't the primary cause for certain factors as indicated by geological surveys and experts who've done their homework in the field. I also believe government regulation of carbon emissions and the declaration of carbon dioxide being a "toxic substance" (though plants use it to make oxygen....?) are foolish, and dangerous proclamations that will harm society, not benefit it. I believe charity and good-will of fellow citizens of every nation are the key in changing the way of life as we know it, NOT the government through forcing and overhauling.

I hope this post is understood as a call to action for REAL facts, and not just following the concensus of progressives and the elite who believe their word is "the best thing". Don't just watch a commercial or listen to a like-minded analyst (or even a scientist for that matter) who claims this and that. Look into the other side, and more importantly, look at the other side from the other side's perspective. Let's start getting an education on the matters, not indoctrination from the mainstream media.

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