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Default Well this is the feedback subforum...

So I'm surprised that someone hasn't told everyone involved with this site that you all kick royal amounts of ass and deserve a Iced pie. Yes I said it, that's a pie with icing, the ultimate combo of delicious treat, If I ever meet you, you will receive such gifts

but on the serious side, Thanks so much for creating this place and preserving what AF used to be, You've given us a home away from home for longer then anyone would have expected and you should know that we appreciate it. We all love you and will continue to be as big a part of this place as we can be, Thanks for everything <3

With love your fans,
The members.

(Hope People didn't mind me speaking for more than myself here, just wanted to express the love myself and others I know feel for this place and the community that resides within it <3 If anyone agree's and feels what I'm feeling, Feel free to let everyone know )
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