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Originally Posted by Woodsprite View Post
It's time certain facts (as well as myths that are still constituted by some as "factual") to be realized so we can have a true debate on the subject. I believe, as a staunch Christian, that we were put on this earth for two primary reasons: to accept God into our hearts, and to be good stewards of the earth. I believe in cleaner energy and jobs. I believe we shouldn't litter. I believe we should try to find alternate sources of machines and vehicles that won't produce harmful gases... But I also believe we aren't the primary cause for certain factors as indicated by geological surveys and experts who've done their homework in the field. I also believe government regulation of carbon emissions and the declaration of carbon dioxide being a "toxic substance" (though plants use it to make oxygen....?) are foolish, and dangerous proclamations that will harm society, not benefit it. I believe charity and good-will of fellow citizens of every nation are the key in changing the way of life as we know it, NOT the government through forcing and overhauling.
I agree to an extent. Carbon dioxide is a toxin above 3% atmosphere saturations, if you would like me to elaborate on this I will happily. The rest of it I agree with.

Originally Posted by Woodsprite View Post
I hope this post is understood as a call to action for REAL facts, and not just following the concensus of progressives and the elite who believe their word is "the best thing". Don't just watch a commercial or listen to a like-minded analyst (or even a scientist for that matter) who claims this and that. Look into the other side, and more importantly, look at the other side from the other side's perspective. Let's start getting an education on the matters, not indoctrination from the mainstream media.
Ah, my personal advice to people is, do your own investigation, read between the lines, don't be bias, and consider all the facts. The real facts, as you've correctly stated, media and commercials are not an authority on factual information.
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