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Originally Posted by Sothis View Post
Hehehe, no problem. :-p It had been bothering me. Of course, now that Iíve worked it out, itís going to feel like a glaring flaw whenever I encounter fanfiction with ďmistakesĒ in their timelines.
*g* Yeah, me too. I'll just. Be good and roll with it if they just mention 'a year'. Yes.

Originally Posted by Sothis View Post
Iíd imagine that the ďass-kickingĒ has more to do with being completely frozen and then thawed out, and less to do with the duration of the cryosleep. I always imagined that once you have been successfully frozen, you can remain that way almost indefinitely until itís time to thaw out. But Iím just conjecturing, so itís a potential concern.
Oh, yes, that's a good point - I was wondering on the potential damage caused to the sleepers if they were all turned back.
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