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The acceleration / deceleration on the Pandora end works by a completely different system than on the Earth end. The Earth end is powered by a laser that strikes the ship's photon sail. The Pandora end is powered by an onboard matter / antimatter reaction fueled by hydrogen and deuterium, which are harvested by automated gas skimmers in Polyphemus' upper atmosphere. Thus, on the Pandora end, it is perfectly allowable to have one ship decelerating in while another accelerates out if that's how it happens to work out. Also, we know for sure from Pandorapedia that the loiter around Pandora is 1 year, while we don't have information on the length of the equivalent loiter around Earth (or at least not that I've found).

Sorry to render your musings moot; it would've indeed been a very interesting balancing act if the Pandora end was also powered by lasers. :-p All the above can be found on the Pandorapedia page, btw.
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