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Default The RDA strikes back?

It seems almost inevitable that the RDA will return in the future movies. If not the RDA, then some other kind of force. Regardless of how humanity returns, they will come better prepared and better armed if the future of Earth is at stake.

A single group of several hundred secops marines and base personnel pressed into combat as a militia easily defeated thousands of Navi warriors while taking only modest casualties. If it was not for Eywa's personnel intervention, the RDA would have won. Imagine what a fully armed force could do.

But this presents a nagging question: how can the Navi repel a second invasion?

Humanity's reliance on technology has allowed it to combat external threats to great success; however, it has done little to help us internally. If anything, I get the impression that the invaders will be brought down from within rather than from direct combat (though there will be plenty of that). I feel that we will see Selfridge again and he may have a bigger role to play, possibly betraying the RDA after much soul searching, but I still have my doubts on this.

Other members have also mentioned other things such as a second intervention by Eywa or the Navi adopting some technology; however, I do not think that these alone will be enough. Will the Navi even emerge victorious?

What does everyone else think?

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