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Well, if humans return to Pandora in Movie #2, they're not leaving until the end of Movie #3. That's my prediction. The trilogy couldn't sustain three separate human/Na'vi wars. That would be pretty silly. So, basically, I think we're in for an Empire Strikes Back kind of sequel for Movie #2. Which is fine with me. I like Empire.

As for how the humans are eventually eliminated, I have no idea except to suggest that a number--perhaps most--of our favorite characters are lost in the process. This might sound like a horrible thing, but I think it could be brilliant if done properly. E.g., at the end of the third movie, I can imagine a situation where there are no humans or avatars at all on Pandora. Pandora restored. Worth dying for? Probably.

Alternatively, I can also see a third movie where the battle is won diplomatically, or else because some other force from Earth intervenes and defeats the "bad" human corporation, and then we see peaceful relations established between Pandora and Earth.

I don't know. I'm excited though!

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