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Well, what most people forget is that the ISVs that will be coming into to Pandora have ALREADY been on the way. They will only contain 10-20 marines at most to replace ones that are leaving, and very few weapons, plus no vehicles. The rest is just scientists, mining crew and general employees such as mechanics etc. There are no weapons, the only things that are brought over due to lack of space are electronics that can not be manufactured on Pandora. There will likely not be any more ISVs launched at all when the truth about that the RDA did reaches Earth (and until then, any that are launched would be standard resupply ones).

The Na'vi don't need technology (and doing so would completely go against t he entire point of the films) - remember Hell's Gate is still there, is the only safe place to land, is inhabited by the scientists, and has a LOT of anti-air defences.

If any RDA do arrive (impossible as mentioned above), the Na'vi will get rid of them sttraight away. Even all animal and plant life will be highly hostile to them - a group of 'angtsik can easily destroy anything they land.

Woodsprite, none of the clans did not know of the humans, to say otherwise is an insult to the Na'vi's intelligence - they are, if anything, more intelligent than humans.