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Wow... more intelligent? They fell for the avatar program at first, tried to attack a strike force of 15 samsons and a dragon gunship from the ground with arrows, charged point-blank heavy gunfire with nothing but direhorses, trusted a former marine who was gathering intel for their enemy...

The humans landed in one small area of Pandora, and they've only occupied the area for about 25 years. Jake and the Omaticaya traveled a few hundred miles at most to notify other clans to come to their aid. Then there's the rest of the entire moon to think about, where humans never traveled, and where the Na'vi were never notified by Jake and the Omaticaya about their predicament. The other distant clans are unaware that the humans ever landed. How would they know?

The RDA, at one point in time, had to have set up Hell's Gate on Pandora. They did this with precision and patience, and at that time, the Na'vi were probably more curious than hostile. If the RDA were to start from square one again, landing on a different area of the moon, far away from Hell's Gate, and repeated the same task (only doing it multiple times instead of one) among other clans who had no idea what happened with the Omaticaya, they could very well take over the moon... That is, if Eywa doesn't recognize who they are in these other areas. Chances are, it will, which will make the process much more difficult... but still possible. Eywa acted when there was an emergency at the last minute, which could imply that she's a benign force up to the point of extreme measures.

As far as whether or not the Na'vi need technology, I agree. As their lifestyle dictates, they don't need tech. But if threatened by a massive force of trained soldiers with full firepower (considering how their small strike force of about 50 samsons and a dragon gunship defeated 2000 Na'vi warriors), the Na'vi cannot withstand them without combining human weapons tech with every able fighter, along with Eywa. That's the only possible way they could defeat the humans if threatened by such an immense force... as far as I see it, at least, not to say my opinion is the be-all, end-all, word and the way.

And don't forget, as far as we know, the main commanders in the battle were using coms. That was human technology.

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