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Anyone know if the ISVs would be visible from orbit? I'm wondering if other clans that weren't part of the battle are at least aware of some strange presence up in the Pandoran night sky.

HNM, I was also thinking about how there's already other ISVs on the way with too few soldiers to mount a real invasion of Pandora. What I was wondering (and you may have to pardon me for not having as good a background knowledge) is if a whole new kind of transport would be sent from Earth with the explicit purpose of taking back control of [some area of] Pandora by force, carrying enough mercenaries and weapons to get the job done. Of course, such an event would be far in the future, but if the RDA wants to get unobtanium that badly, I'd think they would try and find a way to do that while simultaneously working against all the allegations of human rights abuses (erm...Na'vi rights abuses) on Earth. I don't think they'd give up without trying to get at Pandora again, and they'd probably prepare themselves for fighting the anti-air defenses that they left behind.