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Originally Posted by Empty Glass View Post
Anyone know if the ISVs would be visible from orbit? I'm wondering if other clans that weren't part of the battle are at least aware of some strange presence up in the Pandoran night sky.
The international space station is visible from Earth (you just have to know where to look). It looks like a small dot unless you have a weak telescope. The best time to see it is at dawn or at dusk.

I would imagine that an ISV would technically be visible, just very hard to spot and distinguish from other celestial bodies. I highly doubt anyone would be aware of its presence unless someone happened to be looking in the right direction, at the right time, while paying close attention.

edit: Now that I think about it, on Pandora, Polyphemus is visible in the night sky. If the ISV was in orbit between an observer and Polyphemus, it might be very visible at dawn or dusk against the backdrop of a gas giant.

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