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Originally Posted by Sothis View Post
Hmmm, I always imagined that they overlapped, as I don't think he would've *stopped* studying the language upon enrolling in the Avatar training. But I can't be 100% sure.

In the deleted scene in the shack where norm's ranting after Grace asks him to operate jake's link... he says "I studied ___ years for this mission!" Does he say 3 or 5 there?
I didn't think he would have STOPPED studying, no, but more kept up the studies while trying to learn everything else. And my thinking is that as an anthropologist, he'd...concentrate on the language more? Because it'd be so important. So to me it makes sense he has more of a grounding in it before he turns up to the program itself.

Just trying to work out if those two years would be enough of a grounding, but on the other hand, the RDA probably doesn't release a lot of information so being IN the program would mean more access to information and words and so on. *rubs head*

And he says three years, which matches what Grace said about Tom.
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