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Default Random speculation: Dreams, a big part of our lives?

Often when asleep, I am completely aware that I am living a dream. I know the dream environment, I have been here before. I want to go to another place that I don't know so well, very aware of it being a dream location too. I can remember when I had a dream located here the last time, this and that happened. All this while dreaming, yet, not becoming lucid.

This happens very often, and in fact, I'm often glad that it doesn't go lucid because I'd start to teleport around and kill the plot.

I was talking to my dad this morning about dreams and everything, and when he pointed out that we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, suddenly it all made sense. It's perfectly normal to ignore the fact that you're seeing a dream. We dream so much that it's a very normal situation.

Dreams can also change the way you think in minutes (or seconds). There's at least one thing I know I have started to accept after a dream involving it. Probably many more, but I just don't remember the dreams.
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