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Well, there would be no reason to keep Grace's avatar if they think she can't be "put" back into it, which is probably the case. I think her avatar would deteriorate because it's staying in a vegitative state without any nutrients for several years, since it's most likely buried. I see no way they could have gotten it back to Hell's Gate, being in the predicament they were in. But they could have gotten it there after the war... But for what purpose? To make more avatars using the DNA?

Ugh. I'm talking to much. My point is this: If Grace doesn't return in her Avatar body in the second or third film, and it's been confirmed she WILL return, maybe she'll be put in another body? Like an ikran body... Or be reincarnated entirely. I know that's a crazy thought, but this is a science fiction film, and this is EYWA who has Grace, so anything can happen.
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