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.......I never even thought of that. Wow. That could definately happen. I hope it happens... DANG, that would make one awesome, crazy movie. *sigh* But we can only hope that James Cameron puts something like that in. Unless he were to come across this, or if one of us were to interview him and ask him about it, and we plant the idea in his head(is he allowed to use fan ideas?...), if he hasn't thought of it already. He's the type to put stuff like that in, and it would make sense for Norm, or one of the other scientists to think of something like that. If that DOES get put in the movie, I'll react like this: (crying in happiness) and then I'll pass out.

You wonder why the scientists would stay on Pandora. Why would they want to go back to Earth? It's a dead place that's a breeding ground for despair and crime. And everyone is constantly struggling to survive, and ONLY survive, not live because they can't live. The scientists on Pandora probably have never seen a large cluster of trees or animals before, if any at all. It's no doubtedly the most amazing, beautiful, real, peacefull, and PURE place they've ever been. Why would they want to leave?

Also, they'd actually be able to discover things, which they wouldn't be able to on Earth because everything that could even be STUDIED is gone.
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