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I'd say that Grace seemed to fully understand how the network functioned, as do the Na'vi (something that gets forgotten sometimes in my opinion) - they just accept all life as it is, so even knowing the nature of the network, that doesn't make them think of Eywa any differently. That said, while Grace having been shot was obviously causing her problems which may have interfered with the transfer, then I really like the idea of her not really wanting to - after all, she wants to find out more about the network and her memories being transferred to it is an amazing opportunity in that way.
I definitely agree on Jake - he had everything to live for, really for the first time in his life, of course he was going to return

As for the transfer itself, it always seemed like in effect, his avatar is a new Jake - he has all of Jake's memories, of course, but the 'hardware' of his mind and nervous system is completely new. It's still Jake himself, but in effect, his original, human, self died.
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