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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
I'd say that Grace seemed to fully understand how the network functioned, as do the Na'vi (something that gets forgotten sometimes in my opinion) - they just accept all life as it is, so even knowing the nature of the network, that doesn't make them think of Eywa any differently.
Yes, I agree. The quoted passage at the beginning seems to suggest Grace was wrong to think Eywa could be analyzed scientifically, whereas I don't perceive that to be the message at all. But it's still an interesting interpretation, and one could certainly pull things from the movie to support that interpretation.

Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
As for the transfer itself, it always seemed like in effect, his avatar is a new Jake - he has all of Jake's memories, of course, but the 'hardware' of his mind and nervous system is completely new. It's still Jake himself, but in effect, his original, human, self died.
It's kind of a fine line to draw... the distinctions governing to what extent Jake died and to what extent he survived can get quite fuzzy. Personally, I find the topic almost endlessly fascinating.
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How do you make up after you've done the unforgivable? Jake and Neytiri have a conversation in the wake of Hometree's destruction, during their first real moment alone following his return as Toruk Makto.

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Fourteen years after the war, a lone spaceship appears in the sky. The former members of the Avatar program watch its approach expecting the worst, fearing for their adopted home. Then the ship lands. And suddenly, nothing makes sense anymore.

Five seconds too late
This is a different kind of Jake/Neytiri romance, the story that would've unfolded had she been delayed for just five seconds while trying to reach him following the fight with Quaritch.
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