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Originally Posted by Tsyal Makto View Post
Look at it this way, YOU are a computer, made up of software and hardware.

Hardware: Flesh, blood, brains, bone, organs, etc. The physicality of a human. That which interacts with the world.

Software: Conciouseness, sentience, awareness, a sense of "I am", memories, intellect, etc. The intangible, central stuff that makes the physical stuff go. The stuff that defines you. YOU are the software of yourbody.

And just like computer software being capable of transferring between hardware units, so too can human software.

Eywa transferred OS Jake from a shriveled, weak hardware unit, to a tall, strong hardware unit. Everything that made OS Jake, OS Jake is still there, it's just running on a new machine now.
I'll leave off the disability!fail in your statement by calling Jake's human body 'weak' just because he can't use his legs, but might I suggest you be careful in your use of language there?

And actually, I disagree with you - we ARE our hardware. We are our brains. Damage your brain, you can damage your personality. Change your brain, you change your personality. For example, I have ADHD. This means, among other things, my brain is very different from that of a neurotypical person. But I am my brain - the different chemical balance of my brain affects how I think, and thus how I am.

I figure things will work with Jake because of the fact that the Avatars are so linked to their driver, that their brains would be similar enough to allow the transfer.
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