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Default Why didn't Polyphemus have rings?

As the major natural satellites of gas giants usually orbit in the same plane as the rings, a ring system would be barely visible if not completely invisible from Pandora. I think it would be kinda cool if during the approach to the moon, we saw a majestic system of rings around the planet, which mysteriously disappeared during the rest of the film - it would be a nice visual clue of where Pandora is orbiting, and it would also be slightly educational.

Another thing that would be cool about it is the fact that the Na'vi would have never seen the beauty of the ring system of their planet. As they no doubt have some passion for the gas giant in their sky (I hope we hear more about how they view it in the sequels), seeing its rings might be something they might find tempting, and one more reason to take them some of them for a ride around the small moon system. It could have been one little step in the bringing of our and their people together in the end (since I'm hoping for some kind of happy end for both sides).

What do you think?
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