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The fact is - many nanoparticles are found to be not so healthy - for humans (especially factory workers) and for nonhumans (bacteria, mussels, possibly earthworms,...). But they did not bother to check this before setting up huge factories producing them. And now that they have, they have to sell the stuff and keep producing. The economy and jobs depend on it.

So part of the point I am angry is that they do still produce these things and do not act upon the knowledge that there are potential and real dangers already shown. But the thing that makes me most angry is that even in the 21st century new technologies are regarded mainly with enthusiasm and with the prospect of economic wealth and prosperity but not with precaution at the same time. One thought there would be some learning effect from the 20th century inventions that turned out to have downsides - but it seems not so much...

This article and the effect of nanoparticles on beneficial and crucial soil microbes is just one example...
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