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Originally Posted by Pa'li Makto View Post
That's right, Australia, America and perhaps Britain. Where else do we find the "Caution: Hot" warnings on the lids of coffee cups. >.<
What you highlighted there is another big problem. Common sense is just about gone these days. Society has become rather dependent and even addicted to legal process. While I can appreciate the need for laws to standardize and clarify things, there is a point where it become ridiculous like when the police have to come and hand-cuff a misbehaving first grader because no one else is allowed to do anything.

Originally Posted by Pa'li Makto View Post
Our state governments try to tell us what is in our best interest, they try to restrict the options of what people can buy with their money, like cigarettes and alcohol. That sounds like a nanny state to me.
In some instances I would agree with that point but in the case of cigarettes and alcohol, the caveat with it is that the taxpayers end up paying for all damage that those items cause. Thats not to say that they should be outlawed but that the high taxes on those products should remain in my honest opinion.


As I mentioned in my OP, I am generally collectivist. Perhaps the dividing line in my political views in choosing between individuals and the group comes down to two basic things: Judging which party involved has the greater need and keeping a person's human dignity intact.

One of the best examples was the recent vote on removing the profanity filter. The sides were quite even in terms of votes. Although I myself did not care whether it was removed or not, I still voted no. The difference came down to whomever was in greater need. I can appreciate the fact that some people would like it removed but I know that they can very easily live with it. On the other hand, for those who want to see the filter remain, their enjoyability of TOS in some cases is completely dependent on it sometimes.

This concept of who has the greater need generally is my main rule with the exception of when someone's human dignity is at stake. My collectivist views tend to come from the former and my individualist views from the latter.

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