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Default Biophilia, visual contact with Nature and its relation to health

Some studies seem to suggest that we have an inhereited preference for green plants and open, or wide, views over the landscape. The studies suggests that this is a trait that we have aquired by natural selection during our history as a species. Studies also suggest that seeing nature, seing plants or even seing pictures of plants and natural sceneries is beneficial for our health and for our recovery from illness.

Here is an article about Biophilia and health:

Abstract: It is concluded that an environment devoid of Nature may act as a discord, ie have a negative effect. While the term mismatch is used for any difference between present living conditions and the environment of evolutionary adaptation, discords are mismatches with a potentially undesirable impact on health and quality of life. The problem is partly due to the visual absence of plants, and may be ameliorated by adding elements of Nature, eg creating parks, by offering a view through windows, and by potted plants. The conclusion is based on an evaluation of some fifty relevant empirical studies.
Read more:
Nature plays growing role in health care 'Biophilia' * Peaceful views and sunlight seem to help patients recover more quickly. Marketing * Pleasant settings may spur people to choose such a hospital over others. | Goliath Business News

Psychological Benefits of Nature
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