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Thumbs down 100 Year Old Tree

So frustrating. Why don't people see the wealth in nature?


A Volusia County homeowner is trying to save what he believes is a 100-year-old tree.

The tree is slated to be removed by Department of Transportation officials as part of a project aimed at expanding State Road 415.

Stan Puchalski said there's no need to remove the tree because it sits on the edge of the expansion project and can be spared.

He said his home was built in the 1930s, years after slavery was abolished, and the tree was there before his house.

"Their children are the ones who built this house, and they cared for their elderly parents who were formerly slaves," Puchalski said.

A DOT spokesman agrees the tree sits on the edge of the expansion project.

However, work on the project will affect the tree's roots, possibly killing it.

That's why he said it would be best to remove it.
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