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Originally Posted by The Silver Stag View Post
YEEEEEEEEES! We always knew that somewhere out there there would be a Pandora, this must surely be it. Even though we've found it, I kind of don't want us to ever reach it - it's pure and free of human taint and long may it stay that way.

These were my first thoughts.

However, all we know about it is that it is "warm and wet".

This could mean anything, from a primitive sea of algae and protists, to a varied biosphere like our own, or perhaps a planet consumed by cities created by their advanced inhabitants, not unlike the future predicted by JC himself.

The other thing is, gravity would be seven times stronger there. Eating cold cereal in the morning or drinking a mug of coffee would be a workout. Anything that lives there is either very strong, or it has hard bones, or it may even be flat.

Heck, it could have rainforests made of moss, since it would be so tough for much of anything to grow very tall.
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