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Originally Posted by Advent View Post
Quite an interesting idea.

If I could candidate one... Parker. He'd have a puppy. One of those small, but constantly mooching and annoying ones.
*snerk* Actually, he doesn't strike me as the dog kind - I'm giving him a hare. On this page it has a section on rabbits, hares and pikas - also, I figure that like Lee and Hester in the books, Parker's daemon would be able to hide how she/they felt by staying still.

(And for my fic, Quaritch = wolfhound, Trudy = tiger, Norm = otter, Grace = hawk, Jake = cattledog/sheepdog/mix-thereof, still working on the remaining characters and extras and OCs)

Still have no idea what to do with the Avatar drivers or the Pandoran air, though

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