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Default Amazoniam illegal logging up 5fold

Brazil | Rainforest | Deforestation | Illegal Logging

Brazil’s environmental movement suffered two major setbacks last week when a gunman shot and killed a leading rainforest activist and the Congress passed a bill that environmentalists believe will trigger another wave of Amazon destruction.k I cannot exist.”
“Brazil woke up today to the news of the murder of an Amazon rainforest defender and went to bed with the news that the majority of our MPs back the murder of our forests,” lamented Greenpeace’s Amazon director, Paulo Adario.
But new satellite images show that in March and April this year nearly 593 square kilometers of forest were razed — an increase of more than 470 percent compared to the same period in 2010.
Of greatest concern was the northern part of the soy-growing state of Mato Grosso, where the highest jump was recorded.
“It was a very quick act — in 20 to 30 days there was an enormous volume of deforestation,” said Curt Trennepohl, the president of Brazil’s environmental protection agency, Ibama.
“This year the technique was completely different. They used the rainy period and used heavy tractors attached to big chains … destroying the whole forest,” Trennepohl said. “It was a shock to see the return of such a highly predatory technique.”
As Jatene spoke, about 2,000 angry and tearful protestors marched through the streets of Maraba, toward the city’s cemetery to witness Silva’s burial.
As the coffins were lowered, a group of mourners held up a spray-painted banner.
“The forest cries,” it read.
Disclaimer: "..." means I omitted parts of the original text. Read the full text to know more.
The forest cries indeed.
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