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IMO militaries should only be for defense, and defense of only blood-and-bone people. That's what the Founding Fathers believed, and that is what we maintained until after WWII. The problem is today's military-industrial complex, where the military has become a source of profit for defense contractors and politicians, and also a force to acquire resources for said companies. This is military run amuck, and Eisenhower warned us about it during his farewell address.

That is where the line is, in my opinion. A military force becomes a thug when it goes from defense of We the People, to offense in the name of corporations. Neoconservative foreign policy is another problem IMO, all it is is rebranded 19th century colonialism and manipulation of foreign countries in the name of nation building, and it's been a failure. Neocons gave us Saddam, and they gave us the Taliban, and now we're stuck trying to clean up that mess. It's not my country's job to nation build, change must come from within a country. The only time a country should invade another, when not in direct defense, is if they ask for support (like Libya).

And it's not the troops that are the problem, by no means at all. I firmly believe that they believe in honor and justice and liberty, the problem is that those in Washington - the politicians and generals, the real thugs - are the problem. They don't hold these values, they only hold dear the almighty dollar.

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