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Rainbowhawk1993, I'm Australian. And no, the US is not worse than any other superpower at any other time. They aren't worse than Rome, aren't worse than the British empire, aren't worse than the Mongols.

This doesn't mean I EVER have to like imperialism, particularly when it's the brand currently practised where it's never admitted (if Alexander the Great were alive today, he'd be viewed as a monster, because it's no longer okay to just go and invade someone else). When a country as a political and historical entity supports and instigates coups and regime changes over a century, starting with (and I'm only listing the most blatant) Hawaii, and then going through Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Honduras, Iran, Guatemala, South Vietnam, Chile, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and maintains military bases in a large number of other countries, and then turns around and acts all surprised when the world at large eyes the US warily, then there is a problem. And then you add in the cultural dominance the US has, and...yeah.

Note how I'm NOT blaming American citizens, nor am I blaming the military here. It's the government. The military itself is just a tool, and I would NEVER attack the individual soldiers who have chosen to serve for whatever reason (ideals, patriotism, steady job with a promised career, etc). They do any number of exceedingly hard, stressful and dangerous jobs, with little to no thanks.

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