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Default First June, then 2012! See you in Seattle?

Kaltxi folks,

Ok I know this is not the meet-up area on ToS. However, for those of you who might not frequent that little backwater I thought this might be of interest.

Some of you maybe aware that a number of us from the various Avatar fan forums, including this one, met up in Seattle at the beginning of June for the opening of the Avtar Exhibition at the Science Fiction Museum. It was an amazing experience to meet up at last having become friends through a fiber optic cable! I managed to capture the meet up on video and made a number of short videos to share. They are linked at the bottom of this post.

At the moment our friends from the LearnNa'vi clan are in Seattle having their meet up. Yesterday (Saturday 9th July) they took part in a panel discussion with the creator of the Na'vi Language, Paul Frommer. By the sounds of it they are having an outstanding time. You can find out more about what they are getting up to on their forum here:

Seattle Meetup

There is also a transcript from the panel discussion on this thread:

09 July :: The Panel and Bilingual Q&A

Believe me, it is an amazing experience to finally meet up and enjoy each other's company and talk Avatar until the wee hours of the morning. When it was coming to the end of the 4th June meet up there was one thing we all agreed on, and that was that we NEEDED to do it again. So we are looking to plan something for in a year's time in 2012.

So I hope this has wet your appetite, as once the LearnNa'vi clan come back and get settled down, we are looking to have a go at planning next year's mass meet up. It will be in Seattle again as the Avatar exhibition will still be on then and there will be pleanty of opportunities for activities to be planned. You can follow developments in the Meet Up section as and when we get stuck into it here:

Meetups - Tree of Souls - An Avatar Community Forum

In the meantime there is discussion ongoing in this thread:

Here are the links to the videos from the 4th June meet up:
Part 1:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up 1.mp4‬‏
Part 2:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up 2.mp4‬‏
Part 3:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 3.mp4‬‏
Part 4:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 4.mp4‬‏
Part 5:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 5.mp4‬‏
Part 6:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 6.mp4‬‏
Part 7:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 7.mp4‬‏
Part 8:
YouTube - ‪Seattle Meet Up Pt 8.mp4‬‏

Eywa ngahu,

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