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Originally Posted by DJ Makto View Post
You can count on me being there 100% on behalf of Avatar Nation.

Having just come home from Seattle, I can say that I had a blast.

Stay tuned soon for all the audio and video footage we have captured, including a short interview with Dr Frommer and more.

I'll will be posting links as soon as they have been edited and uploaded.
Ooooo, I'm getting all excited. I still need to listen to your other podcast yet - life has just been to busy, really!!! My bad. Irayo for all the work you do on it for us. I'll PM you

Originally Posted by Txon Rolyu View Post
Heyyy...since ALL of us who were there in June bought museum memberships that will expire next June 4th, is there ANY chance at all that we can have the next meet up on or before June 4th? It would be very nice if we were all able to use our memberships again

-Txon Rolyu
Yeah it would be great if we could use our Museum memberships again, but like Aketuan says it might limit those who can join us. I think we will need to consider the date carefully as I'm guessing once you get into July transport and accommodation prices shoot up too. I feel a survey coming on! Hehehe...

Originally Posted by Hunter of the Glade View Post
Just watched those guys had an amazing time! What I would KILL to have been there!
No need to kill, just come to the next one in 2012 See ya there matey.

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