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Originally Posted by Dreaming Of Pandora View Post

It looks like ye had a blast! Really motivates me to find a way to go to the next one! Unless I somehow gathered enough money to finance a trip like that for me, I don't think I'll make the 2012 one

By the way, great videos, Alan!
Irayo DoP Glad you liked the videos.

As for saving for the trip, well there's about twelve months to save for it. This is only a guess, but if we say, as a sporting job, it was to cost 2000 Euros, which would perhaps cover flight, accommodation, food and spending money. Then that would be 166 Euros a month to save...or 41 Euros a week. Perhaps that might seem a bit more possible....maybe?

The hotel where we stayed at, with a group discount was $110 per night (apart from the Saturday which was $144), if you do an internet search you will be able to find out the cost of flights and stuff like that. Then you will be able to tot up a more realistic cost for it.

It would be great to see you there. Hope that helps a little.

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